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Sustainable and Recyclable Pharmaceutical Blister Films

Discover the future of sustainable pharmaceutical blister packaging with kpNext® R1. As the world's first and still the best, recyclable blister film designed for the RIC 1 recycling stream, kpNext® R1 marks a significant step towards a greener, more eco-conscious industry. Say goodbye to traditional non-recyclable blister films and embrace a solution that not only meets but exceeds your sustainability goals while seamlessly integrating into your existing manufacturing processes. Experience the next generation of pharmaceutical blister packaging innovation with kpNext® R1.

     Benefits of kpNext® R1

Recyclable Logo Certified recyclable in the RIC 1 stream.
Plug & Play Icon Plug and play solution that will not slow down production lines.
Alternative material icon Sustainable alternative to traditional, non-recyclable blister film material.
Unmatched clarity providing an enhanced consumer experience.
Global source of supply for ease of ordering.




kpNext R1 has received multiple awards since its launch from some of the world's most prestigious global organizations.  Awards have ranged from exceptional innovation to sustainability in packaging.  kpNext was the world's first PET recyclable blister film and remains the best!


Plug-and-Play Solution

kpNext R1 is a unique pharmaceutical blister film.  Not only is it certified recyclable (always ask for 3rd party proof!), but it is a drop in place, plug-and-play solution.

  • No special tooling required.  
  • Will run as fast or faster than traditional polymer films.
  • No equipment modifications needed.
Recyclability Certificate



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Experts from kp, Plastics Forming Enterprises, and Haleon discuss certified recyclable options for pharmaceutical blister packaging.  Learn how to achieve your sustainability objects today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can kpNext be recycled along with PET bottles?

kpNext has been 3rd party certified to meet the highest standards for recyclability in the RIC 1 PET recycling stream.

What applications may kpNext be used for?

kpNext R1 film is well suited for Over-The-Counter (OTC), ethicals, generics, nutraceuticals and veterinary medicines.

What thickness range is available for kpNext?

The film is available from 191 - 500 micron.

Will the use of kpNext cost more?

kpNext R1 has a total cost of ownership that is equivalent to traditional blister packaging materials. 

Will a barrier option for kpNext become available?

The kpNext brand has grown to include kpNext® RB5 which is a certified recyclable, PP blister with barrier properties equivalent to 90gsm PVdC coated films.


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