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Welcome to the world's first and only certified recyclable, PET blister film that is also a plug and play solution!


Experts from kp, Plastics Forming Enterprises (PFE) and GSK Consumer Healthcare SARL will talk about certified recyclable options for blister packaging. Learn how to achieve your sustainability objectives NOW!

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Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Time: 8:00AM - 9:00AM CT


Consumers demand sustainable options in nearly all their retail packaging choices.  Now pharmaceutical blister films can be part of that mix!

kpNext Blister

Benefits of kpNext™ R1

Certified Recyclable 

kpNext™ R1 is a PET mono rigid film that is certified recyclable within the RIC #1 stream.  kpNext™ can work with traditional lid stock, but when combined with a clear PET lid film can become a fully recyclable packaging solution!  What once was a non-recyclable package destined for incineration or a landfill, can now be part of a circular economy of recycled materials!  

Plug & Play

Too many times manufacturers develop sustainable solutions that cause major problems on manufacturing lines.  Companies are forced to slow down their process speeds, develop new, costly tooling and revamp their entire logistical system to accommodate the new sustainable package.  We have developed a solution that does not ask the manufacturing system to adapt to it.  Rather kpNext™ R1 has adapted to their system!

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Superior Clarity

Typical pharmaceutical blister packaging can have a hazy or milky appearance which distorts the visual of the product.  This haze is caused by the use of a multi-material structure which also precludes its recyclability.  kpNext™ R1 overcomes this issue with brilliant clarity never before seen in a pharmaceutical blister pack.  

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Alternative Material Choice

We have recently launched our Investing in better, sustainability roadmap for 2021 and beyond.  In it, we outline three ambitious targets to hit.  One of them is, by 2025 to have 100% of our packaging be recyclable.  A major step forward is kpNext™ R1.  Moving from vinyl to a more recyclable solution like PET is a natural fit with our strategic goals.

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"As a company we are committed to taking every opportunity to make packaging recyclable.  A win-win for our long-term partners." - Scott Tracey, CEO of kp.

"It's a true milestone for the industry and for kp." - Dr. Jorg Schneewind, President kp PHD Division.

"Major pharmaceutical companies have been challenging blister manufacturers for a solution that is responsible and recyclable.  kp has answered those challenges.  kpNext™ is our answer." - Daniel Stagnaro, Head of Technology

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