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As a global leader in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, we take pride in securing the supply chain through our strategically located manufacturing facilities worldwide. At kp, we specialize in producing plastic films with advanced barrier characteristics that go beyond traditional packaging solutions.

Also, our commitment to sustainability is evident in our PET and PP certified recyclable blister films, aligning seamlessly with the goals of pharmaceutical professionals aiming to make environmentally conscious choices.

Whether you're a Product Manager, R&D specialist, Procurement Manager, or Sustainability Director, our comprehensive approach to high-barrier films and material expertise is tailored to meet your unique needs. Explore the innovation that sets us apart and elevates pharmaceutical packaging to new heights.

Pentapharm® Product Overview

Mono  Films

For pharmaceuticals requiring low moisture barrier, our plasticizer-free films work great with a wide range of blister packaging equipment.

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Sustainable Films

We were the first to market with a certified recyclable PET blister film and continue to forge the path for sustainable packaging option.

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alfoil® High-Barrier Films

Pentapharm® alfoil® films for pharmaceutical applications employs a high-performance coating technology proven to improve packaging line performance and reduce overall packaging costs

alfoil high-barrier films will also offer superior protection against moisture and oxygen ensuring your product efficacy remains in tact!  

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ACLAR® High-Barrier Films

These multi-layer laminate films are highly transparent with best-in-class moisture barrier. They offer excellent sealability and thermal stability with full range of barrier protection.

Processing can be done on standard equipment and tooling. ACLAR® films are chemically inert and available in clear, transparent, and opaque colors with UV-absorber on request. 

More specialized structures available on request:

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Specialty Fims

Our specialty films are engineered specifically for novel applications and drug deliveries to meet the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical industry. 

From alternative films for CFF products to films for hot/cold fill liquid products, we have you covered with the largest portfolio of films available today.

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Discover the difference with kp – your new strategic partner in pharmaceutical blister packaging solutions. Our commitment to excellence, global reach, and innovation make us the ideal choice for companies seeking a reliable and forward-thinking pharmaceutical packaging partner. Elevate your packaging strategy with kp and experience the assurance of a secure supply chain, cutting-edge barrier technologies, and sustainable packaging options. Click the link below to contact us today, and let's embark on a journey of packaging excellence together!