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Sustainable Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging

kpNext® is a family of next-generation, sustainable films for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and veterinary science industries.  Each unique film offering will boast one or more sustainable feature such as recyclability, to the use of post-consumer recycled content.  Features that were once thought to be unobtainable for this type of highly technical packaging films, are now a reality with kpNext® films. 


kpNext® R1

It all started with kpNext® R1 films.  The very first of its kind, certified recyclable, PET blister film.  This award winning material combines the sustainability aspect of recyclability with the operational convenience of being a drop in place, plug-&-play solution for brands and converters.     

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kpNext RB5


kpNext® RB5

Building on the momentum of R1, kpNext® RB5 takes the sustainability journey to the next level.  Just like its R1 cousin, RB5 is also certified recyclable in the RIC 5, polyolefin stream.  kpNext® RB5 is also a plug-&-play solution that will run as fast or faster than traditional materials.

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kpNext RB5


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Sustainable Pharmaceutical Packaging!

Experts from kp, Plastics Forming Enterprises and Haleon will talk about certified recyclable options for blister packaging. Learn how to achieve your sustainability objectives NOW!

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Customized Expert Assistance is Available

Matching the exact right film for your particular application can be a daunting task.  Perhaps you have questions about:

  • Barrier properties
  • Chemical migration
  • Forming solutions
  • Stability questions
  • Regulatory concerns

kp provides a unique service from our world renowned where we can quickly guide you through to a workable solution.  Help is only a click away!

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