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alfoil® PVdC-coated Films
High-performance and cost-effective line of PVdC-coated films

Pentapharm® alfoil® is a high-performance line of PVdC-coated films that provides a mid-to-high barrier to moisture, oxygen and aroma. Available in a wide range of coat weights and structures, alfoil® films are a cost-effective solution for most hygroscopic and oxygen-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Also available with kp’s proprietary Super Glide (SG) coating technology, alfoil® SG films have improved slip-characteristics that enable faster line speeds, higher yields and lower overall packaging costs.

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  • Largest portfolio of coated films in the industry
  • Only manufacturer with coating operations on four continents; global supply security with local service
  • Super Glide (SG) PVdC technology for improved line performance and reduced overall packaging costs
  • Reduced tooling corrosion (lower HCL)


alfoil® HBC - high-barrier coated films
The latest in ultra-high barrier PVdC technology 

These alfoil® HBC films offer unrivaled protection against moisture, oxygen and aroma for ultra-sensitive pharmaceuticals.



  • High-crystallinity PVdC for higher barrier at competitive cost
  • Complete barrier protection from moisture and oxygen​
  • Superior cost-to-barrier performance vs PCTFE
  • Symmetrical structures and alfoil® SG for increased line performance and lower overall packaging costs
  • Increased crack-resistance and lay-flat properties vs standard PVdC
  • Brilliant clarity for transparent blisters

ACLAR® laminated Films
Exceptional barrier protection 

These multi-layer laminate films are highly transparent and clear. They offer excellent thermal stability and can be processed using standard equipment and tooling. ACLAR® films are chemically inert.

ACLAR® is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc.



  • Best-in-class moisture barrier​
  • Non-aging for lasting optical clarity​
  • Full range of barrier protection​
  • Possible 40% reduction in surface area of the blister allowing up to 30% higher machine output​
  • Runs on standard equipment and tooling​
  • Excellent sealability​
  • Available in clear, transparent, and opaque colors with UV-absorber on request​


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