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Matte finish heat shrink sleeve label films

Finally, a heat shrink sleeve film that has the matte finish effect built directly into the film itself!


Today's retail shelf is loaded with options for consumers to choose from.  As competition for that consumer spending budget surges, brands are doing everything they can to not be left behind.  More times that not, a smart looking package label can make the difference between being noticed or being destined for the clearance shelf. 

kpEnhance® LFM, heat shrink sleeve label films are engineered to make a difference!  An upscale, matte effect is designed directly into the label film itself, which makes any design jump off the shelf.  Not only will this film help your product get noticed, it can also save money through lower production costs.  Now that is a win-win scenario!

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kpEnhance® LFM Benefits

Matte effect as part of the label saves money on ink & processing costs

No solvent seaming issues due to matte finish

Absence of lacquer provides scratch resistance

Inks will not flake off during the application process.


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