Pentadecor® SenduraTM

Super matte surface films

Pentadecor® Sendura™ films empower customers aspirations with its silky-smooth matte finishes in a variety of stylish colours. The films provide value with a strong surface and has excellent resistance to fingerprints, scratches and chemical cleaners for a long-lasting “like new” appearance.
 Sendura™ films can be used for a wide range of applications including doors and furniture.


Silky-smooth finish


Scratch resistant

Super matte finish

2D & 3D films

  • Cabinet doors
  • 5-piece doors.
  • Curved/ flat elements
  • Wrapping


Your choice of color configurations is limitless.

Color combinations are extremely important for a room to flow well and is one of the decisive factors in successful designs. Our newly developed kp Pentadecor® colors will help you achieve harmonious color combinations and exciting color contrasts with a fresh modern feel. All of our colors are arranged in such a way that they match and complement their neighboring color. Match horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Match in pairs or series of colors for a virtually unlimited!  


Bring your color selection to life

Experience our different surfaces, colors and structures with our interactive, 3D-viewer.

Get an impression of product features in detail. View different product angles and explore which colors match which surfaces best. Mix and match to create your individual sense of space now.

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