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Certified Post-Consumer Content Films

Pentaform® SmartCycle® consumer packaging films are not only recyclable, but are also produced with certified, post-consumer recycled content material!  This helps close the circular economy loop!


Protecting the environment is everybody’s concern. That's why we strive to produce films that support a circular economy and help our customers meet their sustainability goals. As a manufacturer of plastic packaging, kp is an essential part of the consumer goods supply chain, enabling the distribution of goods; keeping it secure and safe.

Our customers desire more sustainable packaging, and the ability to meet that demand gives us a significant advantage in the marketplace. Developing innovative and sustainable products and solutions with the same protective and aesthetic qualities as traditional products requires significant capacity and capability, as well as substantial technical know-how.

We will continue to develop sustainable packaging solutions that are recyclable and made from recycled materials thereby closing the loop. 

Closing the Loop

Globally, our SmartCycle® portfolio contains films with 25% up to 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content which provide plastic packaging options to consumers while building long-term value for consumer product companies and retailers. 

We have taken the extra step and received third-party certification for three North American grades that backs up our claim of PCR content.  Stay tuned for more grades to become certified! 

Pentaform® SmartCycle®

North American Certified PCR Portfolio

  • TH-E640F01 - 25% PCR content


  • TH-R660F11 - 50% PCR content


  • TH-E663T03 - 50% PCR content


Made from PCR plastic bottles 

PCR content from 25% - 100%

100% recyclable 


Supports a circular economy keeping waste out of landfills

Heat-seal and RF-seal formulations




  • Face-seal blisters
  • Clamshells
  • Trays
  • Liners
  • Displays
SmartCycle CP Films

How sustainable PCR films support our Investing in Better sustainability strategy:

CO2 reductions by using PCR

Core aim:

Reduce our use of virgin raw materials, and comply with evolving regulation.

What we’re doing

  • Designing for recyclability and maximising recycled content.
  • Growing our existing high volume of post-consumer recycled material.

Core aim:

Move towards a circular economy.

What we’re doing

  • Encouraging people to recycle more.
  • Helping develop infrastructure and incentives
    to secure supplies.
  • Reducing the weight of our packaging

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