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kpEnhance® RM1 blister films are designed to be recycled in the RIC 1 stream.  PET is one of the most widely recycled materials today.  Click the button below to download the designed for recyclability certificate!

Post-consumer Recycled Content Closes the Loop!

We take sustainability seriously and produce world-class recyclable products containing post and pre-consumer recycled content across all our business segments. As one of the largest users of PCR material globally, we support a closed loop economy.  

kpEnhance® RM1 blister films are produced with a minimum of 30% PCR content closing the loop of recyclability while maintaining full regulatory compliance at highest standards. Build on excellent raw material quality and well selected sources, with our partners we established a traceability model that allows you to track all materials back to their first source of product / collection.


Unmatched Optical Clarity!

Film clarity provides a sense of purity and cleanliness that go hand-in-hand with dietary supplements.  kpEnhance® material offers unmatched clarity allowing brands to market their products at their eye appealing best.

Help Keep our Oceans Clean!

To produce kpEnhance® we utilize Prevented Ocean Plastic™, a certified material that has been collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution. This material is found within 50km of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into an ocean, and enables locals to engage in protection of our environment and establish a basis for their own well-being.

To date kp in total, using POP™ resin, has prevented 3,600 tons or 7,936,641 pounds of materials from entering our oceans.  That is over 180 million bottles!

Join us on our mission to close the loop and prevent plastic pollution!

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