kpNext™ R1 wins Awards!

kpNext™ R1 has just pulled down top place awards regarding its ground breaking sustainability attributes!  We were a Gold Winner  at the DOW Packaging Innovation Awards. where we were a Gold Winner. The Plastics Industry Association gave kpNext™ R1 the top prize for Sustainability Innovation in Design.  We also won an award at Making Pharmaceuticals 2022 for Sustainable Achievement

Recently we're awarded with the German Packaging Award in the category of sustainability.

For all awards, kpNext™ R1 was recognized as attributing truly game changing characteristics.  Not only is it the world's first recyclable, PET blister also will not slow down production line speeds or require brands to purchase expensive, new tooling to accommodate the material.

We are proud and humbled to receive these awards given the vast number of entrants who submit their products for consideration each year.  And, rest assured, we have not stopped innovating with kpNext™.  Our newest addition to the kpNext™ family is kpNext™ RB5: A recyclable blister film solution with added barrier performance!