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Pharmaceutical blister films with an aluminum look, but with polymer speeds!


kpSilver™ is designed as a high-speed thermoforming option with the look of an aluminum cold-form foil (CFF) package.  In testing, kpSilver™ processed at speeds 84% faster* than comparable CFF lines.  Consider the labor and energy savings you could enjoy, not to mention reducing the overall packaging weight by more than 30%*, by switching from a CFF package, to kpSilver™!

*Results may vary depending on equipment used and blister size.



kpSilver Blisters

Physical Properties

Not only does kpSilver­™ offer you the upscale appearance of an CFF package, our blister film will also meet all of your barrier protection requirements.  Moisture or light barrier properties are no problem with kpSilver™.  We can customize the film to meet your specific needs with water vapor transmission rates as low as 0.05 g/sqm and UV & visible light barrier meeting USP regulations with a maximum 10% between 290 and 450 nm. 

Customizable Moisture Barrier Levels

kpSilver MVTR Graph

Method: ASTM F1249, 38° C/90% RH.  ACLAR® is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc.

Total barrier to UV and visible light

kpSilver UV graph


kpSilver™ structures can be completely customizable to your specific requirements.  Utilize it on its own in combination with ACLAR® or Accel™ layers to achieve the barrier properties you need.

kpSilver Structure


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