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Recyclable blister films that are a plug & play solution!


Far too often, manufacturers develop sustainable product offerings that, while good intentioned, end up causing major issues for brand owners in terms of operational performance and excessive costs. 

You could have developed the most sustainable material on the planet, but if converters need to significantly slow down their production lines or develop all new tooling to run it, the costs outweigh the benefits.

kpNext™ R1 has been developed to be a drop in place, plug & play solution that will neither slow down your production lines or require new tooling to run!

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kpNext™ R1 films will run as fast as your traditional film material.  Extensive testing has proven, kpNext™ R1 films will not slow down your production lines or cause any downstream bottlenecks.  

No new tooling

Often times new, sustainable materials require brand new tooling to accommodate differing material thermoforming properties.  This is both expensive and very time consuming to accomplish.  kpNext™ R1 films will work on your existing tooling systems!

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kpNext™ R1 is the first pharmaceutical blister film that is designed to be recycled in the PET recycling stream!  PET, commonly used for water bottles, is one of the most recycled plastics in the world today.  kpNext™ R1 can become part of that circular economy!

Superior clarity

Most blister films have a hazy or milky appearance due to the structure of the films used.  This reduces the marketing options available for brand owners.  kpNext™ R1 has unmatched clarity. 

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Moving from a traditional, non-recyclable polymer to our special kpNext™ R1, PET substrate will help brand owners meet their recyclability goals.  



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