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Speed to market through intelligent packaging design

BlisterPro® XCEL is a service we provide that moves at the speed of your next great idea!  Our service allows packaging development to move from design to prototype production to stability testing in very short time frames.  What used to take months of back and forth designs, testing and feedback can now be accomplished in a matter of weeks!  Design for performance with BlisterPro® XCEL.

Laboratory setting


"How does material science influence structural design?" Virtual 3D-modeling and prototyping reduces uncertainty & iterative costs and identifies the mechanical & physical properties of the package.
"Can material selection
improve production
Total cost of ownership analysis marries ideal material choice with optimum machine utilization?
"How do regulatory
requirements affect
package development?"
Regulatory guidance on the impacts of sterilization, biocompatibility, cytotoxicity, and product to package interactions for packaging designs.

Our BlisterPro® XCEL services help package designers explore the effects of tool geometry, film types and process conditions, as well as predict the protective barrier properties of the final package without running line trials. 

BlisterPro® XCEL is supported by in-house finite element analysis, CNC automation and state-of-the-art blister packaging machines allowing for rapid prototyping bringing an entirely new dimension in product and packaging optimization.

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At our kp in Charlottesville, VA, packaging professionals can join in all stages of the BlisterPro® XCEL process to create the perfect package correct package for their product.  Collaborations at the kp can result in personalized packaging prototypes in as little as one week.

Providing essential insights into product and packaging needs, kp's BlisterPro® XCEL services help clear the path to product launch, so your first choice will be the right choice, every time.

How the process works

Material Selection icon

Material Selection.  Consult, support and sampling of material selection based on application requirements such as sterilization, transit or storage conditions.   

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Package Design.  BlisterPro® modeling software uses finite element analysis to optimize specific properties and cavity design, eliminating costs associated with over-pack and failed designs which reduces time to market.


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Prototyping.  With material selection and cavity design completed, our in-house CNC and Uhlmann line allows for rapid creation of tooling and package prototypes.

Performance Testing.  Testing of prototypes or finished packages according to ISO 11607 or other certifications as required in marketed regions.


Regulatory Guidance Icon

Technical Services.  Solving customers' shop-floor performance issues on site.  Portfolio of educational sand collaborative programs for engineers, scientists and packaging designers onsite or at our

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Applications for
BlisterPro® XCEL Services

  • Evaluation of existing package design and materials
  • New package design
  • Product expansion into new regions
  • Product formulation optimization
  • Production process improvement
  • Switch-out from cold form to thermoformed packaging

Benefits of
BlisterPro® XCEL Services

  • Accelerated speed-to-market
  • The most cost effective solution to meet product requirements
  • Overall cost savings across design, testing and operational phases
  • No costly tooling and line trials needed
  • Reduced risk of incorrect material selection or design features