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Heat Shrink Sleeve Label Films

Our Heat Shrink Sleeve (HSS) film technology is a perfect fit for a variety of applications.  No matter the bottle or container geometry, our shrink sleeve label films will get the job done!  Create eye catching graphics that will enhance your brand and make your product jump off the retail shelf!


Benefits of kp's Heat Shrink Sleeve Films

Medium to super high shrinkage properties

Light blocking

Light blocking options available to increase product shelf life

360° branding opportunity enhances shelf presence

Reduces overhead costs by reduced can/bottle inventory

Excellent processing during printing, tube forming & shrinking

Sustainable, recyclable options available


Imagine the possibilities!

Applications for kp Heat Shrink Sleeve films are limited to only your imagination.  But some of the more popular applications include:

  • Soft drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • Dairy drinks
  • Nutritionals
  • Water
  • Craft beer
  • Cleaning products
  • Health & beauty products
  • Automotive products
  • Food products



Pentalabel® eklipse is our label film that blocks >99% of UV rays.  This helps increase the retail shelf life of dairy, juice, organic and other beverages. And of course, eklipse® films print beautifully.  Be sure to check out all the details or download a sales flyer!



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Pentalabel® SmartCycle® takes label film technology to a whole new level.  SmartCycle® films are completely recyclable in the RIC 1, Recycle symbol recycling stream.  When used with washable inks, SmartCycle® label film will flow through the recycling process without any downstream issues creating a completely new feedstock for post-consumer recycled material!


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kpEnhance LFM

Pentalabel® kpEnhance™ LFM offers a unique solution to achieve a matte finish look by building the finish directly into the film itself!  No longer do you need to print a matte coating or finish to the film to produce a stunning graphic.

Take Me There!

SmartCycle® Pro is the next evolution of our SmartCycle® label films, which are RIC 1 recyclable. SmartCycle® Pro has the added benefit of containing certified, 30% post-consumer, mechanically recycled content. Now a label film can truly close the loop and support a circular economy by utilizing PCR content in its own make up.


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