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Post-Consumer Recycled Label Film

Meet our second generation of sustainable and recyclable SmartCycle® label films that have the same great quality of recyclability in the RIC 1 stream as recognized by the APR, plus the added benefit of being produced with 30% post-consumer recycled content!  Now that is truly a circular economy success story of closing the loop!




SmartCycle Pro label film meets or exceeds the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) PET-CG-02, Critical Guidance Protocol for the recyclability of clear PET articles.   

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We believe in backing up the claims we make.  SmartCycle Pro is no exception.  Please click the button below to receive the third-party verification of the post-consumer recycled content.

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Increased recycling productivity

Supports a circular economy
with 30% PCR content

High shrinkage properties

360° decorating opportunity

Exceptional clarity

Reduced CO2 footprint


SmartCycle Pro bottles


Applications include:

Water bottles

Sports drink bottles

Beer & soda cans

Household cleaning products

Shampoo bottles

and so much more!



Environmental stewardship is at the heart of what we do.  With every SmartCycle Pro label used, you are not only easing the burden on valuable virgin resources, your are also helping contribute to the stream of post-consumer recycled material available for new products!

Together we can make a label at a time!

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More label film options!

If it is concealing label film you require, look no further than our eklipse® product line.  Also be sure to review our entire label film portfolio.  We are certain to have the solution you are looking for.   If you need help right away, just let us know and we'll be happy to help you out.


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