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Sustainable print & graphic films produced from 95% post-consumer recycled plastics!

ShoreCycle® rigid films contain at least 95% post-consumer recycled materials gathered from at-risk coastal communities.  Not only are these films a truly sustainable solution, but they also help improve the communities where the materials are sourced by cleaning the environment and providing a new source of income.

Beach clean-up

Benefits of ShoreCycle® Films

Greatly reduces first use, virgin raw material consumption
Encourages social responsibility
Helps protect fragile ocean ecosystems
Supports a circular economy by utilizing post-consumer recycled material
New source of income for coastal communities

ShoreCycle® Print Applications

  • Door danglers
  • Window posters
  • Wall posters
  • Signage
  • Boogieboard overlay
  • Snowboard overlay
  • Horticulture sticks
  • POP displays
ShoreCycle applicstions

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