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We provide the most comprehensive, best performing portfolio of products for the consumer packaging market. Pentaform® General Thermoforming Films offer best-in-class solutions for deep draw, high clarity, and sustainability benefits. 

Pentaform packaging products



Brilliant clarity

Ultra-high impact resistance

Excellent forming for standard
and deep draw applications

RF, heat, and ultrasonic sealing

Customizable color options


Our consumer packaging films are perfectly suited for multiple applications including:

  • Face-seal blisters
  • Clamshells
  • Trays
  • Liners
  • Displays

Protecting the environment is everybody’s concern. That's why we are striving to produce film products that help you reach your sustainable packaging goals.

Our SmartCycle® films will help you do just that.  Our extensive portfolio contains certified post-consumer recycled (PCR) content ranging from 20% to 50% to help you meet your sustainability objectives.


If it's films for sensitive electronic products you are looking for, the search is over.  Our Pentastat® portfolio offers both static control and anti-static options if a variety of polymer options.  Check out these great film options today!

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Do you find yourself in need of some help with a particular packaging problem?  Maybe you are facing issues such as:

  • Package barrier properties
  • Chemical migration questions
  • Forming solutions
  • Product stability answers
  • Regulatory concerns

If so, we provide a unique service called BlisterPro® XCEL where we use our packaging, materials, and design expertise to quickly guide you through to a workable solution.


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