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A global leader in rigid films

Klöckner Pentaplast is a global leader in rigid and flexible film solutions for the pharmaceutical & nutritional supplement markets.  We manufacture a broad portfolio from mono-layer to high barrier triplex structures and everything in between. 


Enhancing Health and Wellness

kpEnhance™ is a high-performance, cost effective line of blister films developed specifically to meet the needs of the dietary supplement market.  



Product Portfolio

Pack your nutraceuticals in high-quality sustainable packaging solutions:

Sustainable Packaging Films

kpEnhance Mono

  • Go-to solution for vitamins, minerals and botanicals
  • Cost-effective homopolymer formulations
  • Enhanced optical clarity
mono layer


kpEnhance Duplex

  • Provides mid-to-high barrier protection from moisture and oxygen
  • Coated with kp Super Glide (SG) PVdC for improved line performance
  • Available in 40gm² coat weights
Duplex layer image


kpEnhance HBC

  • The latest in ultra-high barrier PVdC technology providing unrivaled protection for the most sensitive supplement applications
  • High-crystallinity PVdC provides higher barrier at competitive costs
  • increased productivity with smaller card format versus cold-form foil
  • Available in 120gm² and 180gm² triplex and symmetrical structures
HBC formulation
HBC2 formulation



Do you find yourself in need of some help with a particular packaging problem?  Maybe you are facing issues such as:

  • Package barrier properties
  • Chemical migration questions
  • Forming solutions
  • Product stability answers
  • Regulatory concerns

If so, we provide a unique service called BlisterPro® XCEL where we use our packaging, materials, and design expertise to quickly guide you through to a workable solution.


Learn More about BlisterPro® XCEL Today

We also produce films for the medical device, card, consumer packaging, decorative, and home, building & construction markets. Klöckner Pentaplast plays an integral role in the customer value chain by safeguarding product integrity, assuring safety and consumer health, improving sustainability, and protecting brand reputation.

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