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Light Blocking Shrink Sleeve Label Film

Extend the life of your light-sensitive products with kp's Pentalabel® eklipse® shrink sleeve label film.  Built-in light blocking technology is at the heart of this innovative film offering.  Ensure maximum protection for juice and dairy beverages without the added expense of a multi-walled primary container.  

Pentalabel® eklipse® gives you all the design advantages of a printable white surface in a full body shrink label.  

Superior light blocking properties

Can extend your products shelf-life

Light blocking icon

Vitamin, color & flavor protection

Ideal for contoured bottles  

May be used to conceal previously labeled bottles or cans



Eklipse® films offer a versatile solution for covering existing printed films, providing a practical way to refresh or rebrand your products without the need for new containers. This approach can result in substantial time and cost savings, particularly when you need to produce a special or seasonal run of products. Instead of discarding or repurchasing empty labeled cans or bottles, simply apply Eklipse® films over the existing labels to achieve a new look. This not only minimizes waste but also optimizes your inventory management, allowing you to leverage your current stock effectively while meeting seasonal or promotional demands.

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Be sure to explore our comprehensive range of heat shrink sleeve film solutions.  Our diverse offerings are designed to meet various packaging needs with exceptional performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're looking for high-shrink capabilities, superior clarity, or eco-friendly options, our complete lineup has the ideal solution to enhance your label designs. 

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