The next generation of Shrink Sleeve film technology

Benefits of SmartCycle®

With SmartCycle®, there is no need for the recycling center to remove the label.  This increases productivity at the recycling center and contributes toward greater efficiency.

SmartCycle® has taken the guesswork out of wondering if a bottle or container should be recycled due to the existence of a label.  Now, bottle and label may be recycled together creating greater opportunities to recycle.   

SmartCycle® has excellent shrink properties.  There is no need to limit your selection of bottle/container configurations.  SmartCycle® will shrink to the geometry for a perfect fit every time.

Branding and brand messaging are a very important part of any retail shelf item.  The ability to be seen on crowded shelves can make or break the success of a retail item.  The 360° decorating opportunity of SmartCycle films is unmatched.  

One of the main components of a Circular Economy is the ability to recycle and increase recycling rates.  SmartCycle® checks both of those boxes.  It may be recycled which increases the amount of post-consumer recycled content available for new product production.

SmartCycle® has excellent printing capabilities.  There is no need to limit your color options with this sustainable shrink sleeve film!



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