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Recyclable Heat Shrink Sleeve Label Films

Introducing SmartCycle® – Redefining Sustainable Labeling Solutions. Our heat shrink sleeve label films are not just innovative; they're recyclable in the RIC 1 recycling stream, making them a game-changer in environmentally conscious packaging solutions. SmartCycle® sets a new standard by seamlessly integrating recyclability into heat shrink sleeve labels, aligning with the circular economy vision. SmartCycle® stands out with an exceptional shrink rate, making it an ideal replacement for non-recyclable label films while championing sustainability. Enhance your brand with packaging that makes a positive impact – SmartCycle® is the choice for labels that go beyond expectations.




Benefits of using SmartCycle® Label Films:

SmartCycle® revolutionizes packaging with unparalleled benefits. Eliminating the need for recycling centers to remove labels, it boosts efficiency, contributing to recycling process streamlining. Say goodbye to uncertainty – SmartCycle® enables seamless recycling of bottle and label together, expanding opportunities. Enjoy freedom in configurations as SmartCycle® boasts excellent shrink properties, ensuring a perfect fit. Its unmatched 360° decorating opportunity provides a captivating platform for branding in the retail landscape. Embrace sustainability with SmartCycle®, a key player in the Circular Economy, offering recyclability to increase recycled content for new products. SmartCycle® combines benefits with excellent printing capabilities, allowing limitless color options for your sustainable shrink sleeve film. Choose SmartCycle® for a packaging solution that exceeds expectations, contributing to a more circular and eco-friendly future.

Recyclable in the RIC 1 recycling stream Excellent printing capabilities
Excellent shrink rates Decrease items being sent to landfills or incineration
Supports a circular economy Helps increase the amount of PCR material available

SmartCycle® shrink sleeve label film meets or exceeds the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) PET-CG-02, Critical Guidance Protocol for the recyclability of clear PET articles.   

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